Casual couture

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About Us

Early on the PRVCY brand was founded with a noble goal in mind: to create great casual couture apparel for women and men, share the profits with various breast cancer research foundations across the country and help in early detection and finding the cure. Today our company is carrying this legacy on. We are designing some of the best denim apparel on the planet, expanding into other deluxe casual clothing lines and will continue to support the breast cancer research as well as various other philanthropic causes. Just as the three threads of our trademark Lifeline design the mission of our company is based on:

“FAITH” that through our creative inspiration and hard work PRVCY brand can continue bringing to the world some of the best clothes for all the folks who want to feel great and look cool.

“HOPE” that working together with the best designers and manufacturers, doing our best to deliver exactly what our customers desire now, we will be very successful and our proactive support of charitable causes may make the world a better place.

“LOVE” for what we do and being totally devoted to creating the perfect apparel for you. We will pour all of our hearts into every style and every fit every day.